About Uz


Back in 2005....
  The (4) founding fathers gathered in a mostly respectable place that had not been raided in months to share their passion for older American cars.
  They liked to work on them, talk about them, and display them. Each knew a guy or two in Vallejo, California, where they grew up (we'll give them the benefit of the doubt here) who shared their interest. After some discussion and some suds, the idea of a club of like-minded lads evolved, a group that would promote the best interests of car restoration and their community. Like-minded, strong-willed, boyz and girlz joined year by year. And thus, Boyz Under The Hood evolved from an idea to reality. 
  Since Jan, 2005, Boyz Under The Hood members have been active in shows, fundraisers, and other community events throughout California and Nevada. The club has 90+ active members who own and work on approximately 100 classic American automobiles. Many in the group involve family members in restoration projects, events, and travel in behalf of the club. They display their vehicles and win awards in numerous shows and seldom miss an opportunity to serve their community as a group and individually.

On the right are photos of a New Zealand Car Show that was provided by our Associate Member in New Zealand.